Chylobinoid Capsules



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Chylobinoid Capsules

Chylobinoid is a premium product consisting of 70% CBDa, approximately 5% cannabidiol (CBD), 5% other cannabinoids, 4% magnesium, and naturally occurring plant lipids. This unique formula provides a convenient means of delivering consistent, effective and safe dosing.

Chylobinoid-containing products offer significant healthful advantages over conventional medicinal cannabinoids. Chylobinoid has greater potency and better absorption than CBD. Chylobinoid’s innovative structure and properties help the body absorb it efficiently.

Chylobinoid is designed to bypass the liver, which acts as a filter against CBD, and significantly reduces the amount of CBD that reaches the bloodstream (only about 8% of orally administered CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream). Chylobinoid is absorbed into the blood stream via the lymphatic system, which should boost their bioavailability to 40% or more. Chylobinoid is fashioned after a chylomicron which is a naturally produced lipoprotein particle that transport fats and cholesterol into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system.

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